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Let's start with us sharing with you some of our fave places, spaces, things and blings. A mix and match, smash the clash, rag tag, golly dolly, holy moly collection of the unusual, the flamboyant, the modernistic, the intricate, the funny, the vibrant, the inspiring and the downright strange.


Hi everyone!

This Is Not Bland...

... and I'm sure you aren't either. Join us as we explore a world (up, up and) away from neutral. We are all about the eye candy of life and those marvellous sparks and flickers that visual stimulation can set off in your head and heart. In our world we embrace the maximalist, the eccentric and the bold!!

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Around The World in 80 Shades

Travel is a wonderful thing! New sights, sounds & tastes to stimulate the senses. Double up on the gloriousness by visiting one of the Unbland Wonders of the World, from hotels to parks to monuments to cafes to things you'd never dreamed existed.

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Launch Party for This Is Not Bland

Launch Party

We’re holding a launch party right here in this post. And you are ALL invited!!! Speech you say? Oh, ok, go on then… Ahem *coughs* Hi everybody and welcome to This Is Not Bland! This site has been germinating in…

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