A word from Katie, founder of This Is Not Bland

Sometimes it feels that the aesthetics around us are becoming more neutral, toned down and safe. Things blend and match. Restaurants and bars, in particular, have paired down so much with lots of wood, off-white textiles, clear glass only, more wood – they are becoming a blur of beige. They might go a little crazy and throw in the odd cushion or single stemmed flower as an accent color, but generally if you walk around some of the once vibrant neighbourhoods of cities like London and New York, you’ll see the more funky, individual joints are disappearing and a sea of off-white, oatmeal, fawn and biscuit with low lighting abounds. The sign outside will often be in small barely readable lettering, merely whispering their existence (don’t get us started about when there’s no sign at all). I can’t work out if it’s apologising for their existence or pretentiously underplaying themselves based on the theory that if you are cool or wise or rich, you will, of course, know of their existence. I’m leaning towards the latter.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like this aesthetic at all. It’s nice and cosy and thoroughly enjoyable from time to time. I adore all things Scandi. I’ve been known to drool, like a slobbering wreck over a Jacobsen chair. Just don’t put a pale wood chair in a room with nothing other than more pale wood. It’s down right freakin boring! Clothes are even worse. I mean I love to wear a lot of black, but like a white wall, that can be used to offset something with a little more flourish – be it some neon sneakers or a glittery eye shadow. There is nothing I love less than shops with racks and racks of greys and creams and beige (which incidentally is a sign of a gentrified neighbourhood and no mistaking!). There is, however, nothing I love more than seeing an older lady rocking it in leopard print and leather.

This Is Not Bland is here to celebrate the big stuff. The go big or go home school of design. It can be on an expensive Philippe Starck-esque level (although frankly, he’s starting to err on the side of boring these days) or, as more often than not, it’s individuals being individual. I’m loving all the weirdos and the misfits and the characters who bring us the non-ordinary and the non-bland. Something can, frankly, be an eyesore and still be interesting and a tonic for us to see. Whether it’s an interior, a piece of art, a garden, an outfit, a monument, a painted wall – it’s all about things which feed your eyes. It’s nourishment. It’s good for you. I’m basically like a health guru. But for your eyes and your soul.

Closeup of glittery shimmery shiny pills capsule background

Maybe you’ll get a little inspiration here and there to do something a little different with your home or your look. Maybe you already have a fab, out-there, you specific abode. Maybe you will keep living in your beige house and come visit here for a little bit of elicit unblandness. either way – you are very welcome to my happy place.

Join us on social media for some more optical delights and unusual finds and please do let us know if there’s anywhere you love or stumble on that we might find interesting.