We’re holding a launch party right here in this post. And you are ALL invited!!!

Speech you say? Oh, ok, go on then…

Ahem *coughs*

Hi everybody and welcome to This Is Not Bland! This site has been germinating in the brain of me, our founder (and current only team member), Katie Clarke. I have a travel journal blog, What Katie Did Eventually,  where I write up, in long, meandering posts, my travel adventures, tips and disasters.  But for some time I’ve been wanting something more specific, to reflect my taste for the finer side of life. By fine, I do not mean luxury or high quality. I mean fine as in mighty-fine. Vivid. Eccentric. Inspiring. Giggle-inducing. Flamboyant. Cute. Shocking even.

My life has taken several twists and turns but the one thing I love and will always love to do is seek out things which give my heart strings a little tug. And I don’t mean puppies. Don’t get me wrong I love puppies – I’m not a monster for god sake! but the things that really get my heart pumping are the quirky, the colorful, the unusual and the out of the ordinary. The kind of thing that, because you can’t really describe in one word, means I am becoming the queen of the multiple adjectives.

Whenever I travel or whenever I am left to my own devices, I love to find my idea of adrenalin pumping activities in the realms of a quirky hotel, a crazy sculpture, out of the ordinary ornaments,  a themed bar. There is no formula other than it’s usually lacking in a neutral palette and perhaps would not be the kind of place that Mr & Mrs Normal from Normalsville, Normalshire would go. Though there’s obviously not really any such thing as normal. I’ve heard Mrs Normal is a serial killer.

Anyway, I digress. Thank you all so much for coming and I hope you enjoy the entertainment and the nibbles (though I’m quite fond of aspic, so they may not be to everyone’s taste).


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