It’s a sweeping statement to say that David Černý is Prague. It will certainly sound a bit strange to those who’ve never heard of him. I hadn’t before I visited Prague. But when you wander about the city, he really could appear around any corner. Everywhere I went I came across his statues and I didn’t even realise for a while that all these sculptures I’d been admiring were all down to one man.

The city is beautiful without question but if he isn’t Prague itself, then maybe he’s Pragues, wacky, naughty nephew.

The Žižkov Television Tower sculptures are probably still one of my favourite sculptures ever. The idea of an addition to an already sculpture-like, but quite brutalist (though I do like a bit of brutalism) building is genius. They add a soft, playful touch and it really does feel like those babies are crawling, precariously way up there.

Both these sculptures we stumbled upon, the horse is in a small shopping mall off of St Wenceslas Square. The giant head sculpture of Prague’s own Kafka moves in slices, taking apart and re-building the head on a continuous loop.


Now that’s I’ve discovered him and since looked him up, I now realise that there are so many of his sculptures that I missed, that I am going to have to go back to Prague purely to do a David Černý tour (and for the Pho, but that’s another story!).

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