I was taken to the Trailer Park Lounge in the Chelsea District of New York on my very first visit in 2003 and am so happy that in ever-changing NYC, that this fabulous institution still stands as a kitsch-tastic homage to all things Trailer Park trash.


Crammed full of tacky treasures, there are so many things to catch your eye while you sip your beer straight out of the can and munch on your microwave mac n cheese or tater-tots. I’ve even once bought a huge temporary ‘mom’ heart tattoo in there to make any 1950s sailor proud, which looked super classy slapped on my fore-arm. For those with a sweet tooth, you can round it all up with a sweet snack of a moon pie (bit sickly for my tastes).

As with all the best places, especially the theme bars, a trip to the bathroom will definitely provide some interest and amusement.

There are some stand-out characters in the form of mannequins and the walls are adorned with everything from a black velvet Elvis, to a light-up Dolly to lottery winners to  Monica Lewinski in the National Enquirer. And is certainly not lacking on the lawn flamingos and fairy-lights front.

Trailer Park Lounge, 271 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011